GIANTMACH UTV500, UTV700, UTV700-4 seat, UTV800 fully loaded come with Aluminum wheel, foldable full size windshield, storage box, sun roof, winch kit and 26" big tire.


Sportsmen and farmers often need a four-wheel-drive vehicle capable of hauling gear to farms, fields, and remote locations. The GIANTMACH UTV and ATV utility vehicles set the industry standard with durability and dependability that can’t be matched, while providing these needs.

Larger than an all-terrain vehicle but smaller than a compact pickup truck, all GIANTMACH UTV’s feature a four-stroke industrial-grade engine, selectable four-wheel drive, a stable transmission, bench seat and a large cargo bed.

Our ATV’s offer the perfect compliment to the GIANTMACH UTV’s by still giving customers that may not need all the features of the UTV, a versatile and dependable vehicle. All ATV’s feature a four-stroke industrial grade engine, a reliable front/rear independent suspension system, electronic gauges, and front/rear storage racks.

At GIANTMACH we pride ourselves in:

• Serving dealers and representatives by providing both an unprecedented cost effective solution and a superior product.
• Being a leading manufacturer of ATV’s and UTV’s while maintaining exceptional customer service.
• Providing steady growth during the past 10 years, resulting in more than 1,320,000 square feet of offshore manufacturing capability.
• Offering a skilled team of experienced sales, logistics, and technical personnel that assures on time delivery of products and spare parts.
• Making sure to meet each client’s critical demands for consistent quantity, at cost unmatched throughout the industry.

Please feel free to call or email us if you are interested in becoming a dealer or representative of the GIANTMACH utility vehicles. GIANTMACH headquarters is in Southern California and provides service to all 50 states and Canada.









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